OOC: This page is presented out-of-character for the convenience of the players.

Mist Touched Human Traits

Mist-Touched Humans are humans who have been warped by the mysterious powers of the mist. Whether their mother carried them through the mist in the womb, or they were exposed to the mist for prolonged periods after they were born, these are people who have been twisted by unknowable forces and survived… more or less. A human who becomes mist-touched replaces the racial benefits of Human with the following racial benefits.

Ability Score Increase. Your ability scores each increase by 1, except a single score of your choosing which instead decreases by 3.

Age. Mist-Touched Humans reach adulthood in their late teens and generally live less than a century.

Alginment. Mist-Touched Humans do not necessarily have any specific alignment, but rumor has it that those with flexible morals are more likely to come through the mist intact.

Size. Mist-Touched Humans are generally the same size as normal humans – medium sized (see below).

Speed. Mist-Touched Huamsn generally have a base walking speed of 30 feet.

Languages. Mist-Touched Humans generally speak, read, and write common, and learn new languages (if able) the same way other humans do.

Mutation. A Mist-Touched Human undergoes one of the following “mutations” not all of which are readily evident when meeting someone. The benefits and penalties of someone’s mutation are in addition to (i.e. stack with) the other benefits and penalties of being mist-touched.

  • The Tall. The tall are Mist-Touched Humans whose bodies have been stretched in a disturbing way. Arms, legs, and spine elongate, and the head grows ever so slightly. The tall have a base walking speed of 40 feet, and have a 10 foot reach, but suffer a – 2 decrease to constitution as their heart struggles to get blood through to their distant hands and feet. Height for one of The Tall is roughly 25% higher than other humans, but their weight does not increase proportionally, and they still count as medium sized.
  • The Short. The short are Mist-Touched Humans whose body have been shortened in a strange and disproportional way. Arms, legs, and spine shrink, and their body bloats slightly. The short have a base walking speed of 20 feet, but enjoy a + 2 bonus to resist being shoved and a + 2 bonus to constitution.
  • The Savants. The savants are Mist-Touched Humans whose minds seem to have been dissolved by exposure to the mist, excepting for those skills they have most practiced in their life. Savants suffer a – 2 decrease to every mental ability score. However they seem to excel at dedicated study. When a savant rolls a ability check to which they may add their proficiency bonus, but for which they have a negative ability modifier, they do not have to subtract the ability modifier from the check result – even if the modifier is negative due to temporary ability damage. In addition, savants may pick one more skill to be proficient in at 1st level.
  • The Twisted. The twisted are Mist-Touched Humans whose bodies are warped into crippling, unnatural shapes. Muscles atrophy, joints tighten, and bones flatten beneath the skin. The twisted suffer a – 2 decrease to every physical ability score, but benefit from a bit of the mist still running through their veins. One of the Twisted may choose a single 1st level spell from any spell list. They add this spell to their list of spells known, and have one extra 1st level spell slot. In addition they gain an bonus 2nd level spell slot at character level 5, and bonus 3rd level spell slot at character level 9, a bonus 4th level spell slot at character level 13, and a bonus 5th level spell slot at character level 17.


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