Mission to Faenwood

OOC: This page is presented out-of-character for the convenience of the players.

Following the events of the late autumn of ’71 in Faenwood Village, word of Faenwood Village has reached all over Halatan. Specifically people have heard a lot lately about the heroic and surprisingly successful efforts of this tiny mining/farming community of less than 300 people to drive off more creatures of the mist than some knights see in their whole careers. Wrapped up in this has been talk of how Faenwood Village is a community removed by almost three solid days of travel through mist-thick woods, and the fact that its mine is one of the leading producers of semi-precious stones in the whole of Halatan. As a result numerous organizations have taken an interest in the village, and new player characters are welcome to create characters who are representatives or members of these organizations.

The flier below has been circulated throughout the major communities of Halatan advertising the mission to Faenwood Village soon to be undertaken by the Royal Order of Knights. Though the knights are organizing the trip to the village, the knights have promised to protect any number of travelers wishing to accompany them to the village, and given the recent rumors of mist creatures near-by it is easily the safest opportunity to travel to Faenwood.

Also note that newly-arrived player characters do not necessarily have to belong to an organization, these are merely helpful background options that players can flesh out with the GM prior to beginning the campaign. New player characters may also choose to be returning villagers – most likely moved away within the last five or six years under the expectation that the village was likely to simply fade away within the decade. All new player characters should equip themselves with the expectation that they will be living in Faenwood Village for at least a few seasons, if not years.

Mission to Faenwood Village

Dame Elimet Vimir

On behalf of her royal highness, Queen Alithet II, this mission shall commence upon the 54th day of summer in this the 72nd year of the Century of the Light Bringer. The Royal Order of Knights seeks volunteers from within its ranks to aid in the study of the Faenwood, to report no less than five days prior to the mission’s commencement to Dame Elimet Vimir within the halls of the Potio Cathedral of Light. Any knight so applying must bear in hand a letter of release from their prior posting, sealed by the Commissioner of the Order.
All those persons seeking protection along the Astio Highway from Potio to Hatchtown, or in traveling from Hatchtown to Faenwood Village, is invited to accompany the mission. All such travelers must provide their own food, oil, and wagons as needed, but may rely upon the knights to their defense upon the roads.
Organization Description
Royal Order of Knights The Royal Order of Knights of House Qaliar are charged with the defense of the people of Halatan, especially from the creatures of the mist. Every knight is personally approved by a member of House Qaliar, and must demonstrate both combat proficiency and the ability to stay cool under pressure. The organization is extremely regimented, and expects strict obedience of its members – though the further from big cities one treads the more relaxed the chain of command may appear at times.

Knights accompanying the Mission to Faenwood Village will be expected to obey Dame Elimet Vimir, and work tirelessly to rid the Faenwood of any identifiable threats.

Character Rank: Knight – Superior rank to Squires, takes commands from Captain, Lieutenant Captains, and the High Marshal. No authority to recruit, limited authority to deputize during emergencies.
Church of Ossmina Ossmina is one of the Old Gods whose teachings emphasize community protection, vigilence, and destruction of the undead. Clergy members of the Church of Ossmina frequently work as members of city guard, local healers, and even undertakers. Many knights who venerate the Old Gods venerate Ossmina most of all.

A member of the Church of Ossmina traveling to Faenwood Village would be expected to relocate to the village indefinitely with the intent to aid in the village’s defense and petition the village council for permission to construct a permanent chapel to Ossmina there.

Character Designation: Priest – May recruit and direct acolytes, takes direction from regional Vicar.
Church of Hadiosia Hadiosia teaches that compassion and community cooperation are the best guides to long, happy lives. Members of Hadiosia’s clergy often work as teachers, caretakers of the sick and elderly, or as low-level community leaders.

A Priest of Hadiosia travelling to Faenwood Village would be expected to work to resolve any disputes within the community, to encourage strong relations between the village and its nearest neighbors, and spread the teachings and worship of Hadiosia.
Character Title: Priest(ess) – Subservient to bishops, may recruit initiates.
Church of Adrovine Adrovine is the Father of Alliances, invoked in courts and contracts throughout Halatan, and sworn upon daily by those hoping to evidence the veracity of their promises.

An inquisitor of Adrovine travelling to Faenwood Village would be expected to bring to light any activity in the village that might be considered criminal, or which might be seen as a violation of the ethical expectations of the acting individual’s standing and trust within the community. Punishment should be left to the just authorities, though. Additionally, the inquisitor would be encouraged to petition the village council for permission to invite a priest of Adrovine to build a chapel within the village.

Character Title: Inquisitor – Subservient to Priests and High Priest, may not recruit.
Church of Kaemis Kaemis is the divine healer, and watches over those who suffer and struggle. No one place in Halatan has been said to suffer or struggle more in recent months than Faenwood Village.

A priest of Kaemis travelling to Faenwood Village would be expected to do everything in their power to heal those suffering from prolonged wounds from the prior attacks (including the emotional wounds of loss) and to provide healing to all who need it while there. Development of a following for Kaemis within the village is also encouraged.

Character Title: Priest – may recruit and train other priests, provided that Kaemis’ power has already begun to manifest within them.
Church of Ruafad Ruafad is mage of the heavens, and the most magically potent member of the Old Gods. Ruafad teaches a strict adherence to the law, and openly teaches that the sacrifice of one life is permissible where the community lawfully deems it an over-all good.

A member of Ruafad’s priesthood who travels to Faenwood Village would be expected to investigate the rumors of strange magics used by the mist-creatures during the encounters earlier this year, and bring to light as much information about how their magics operate as possible.

Character Title: Priest – Subservient to other priests based on seniority, may recruit acolytes.
Desitan Herd Destian teaches that natural harmony is of utmost importance, and emphasizes that the role of humanity is not to subdue the natural enviornment, but learn to live harmoniously with all other life. Unlike many faiths – and unlike any other of the old gods – Destian’s clergy are referred to as “Shepherds” to emphasize that they are meant to help lead their communities and show others the way.

A Shepherd of Destian heading to Faenwood village would be expected to do their best to integrate into the community and ensure that the village’s goals are in keeping with natural harmony. Additionally such Shepherd of Destian would be expected to cultivate a place of meditation within the safe bounds of the village and encourage the veneration of Destian within the community.

Character Title: Shepherd – may take on apprentices (called “Initiates”) at their discretion. No formal hierarchy, but most Shepherds pay formal deference to the wisdom and teaching of their elders / longer-served Shepherds.
Church of the Light Bringer The Church of the Light Bringer opposes the proliferation of the mist, seeks the destruction of all creatures which become willingly corrupted by mist, and considers itself in an active war against the Cult of the Unseen. Members of the church clergy are generally expected to lend aid to their community with the majority of their working time, especially in the realms of healing, care-taking, and repelling the mist. Most commonly recognized among the Church’s activities are their proliferation of free longhouses in poor communities where people have trouble affording to keep the mist out of their homes at night.

A member of the Light Bringer’s clergy who seeks to accompany this mission will be charged with spending at least a calendar year in Faenwood Village aiding any local efforts to eliminate the infiltration of the mist into the community and lending whatever aid possible to the community itself. Attempts to convert the local population are encouraged but would not be required as this would be an assignment primarily meant to fulfill charitable purposes.

Character Designation: Chaplain – may recruit and direct acolytes and volunteers, expected to obey general direction of High Priests and church leader, called “Vicar of Light”, but otherwise expected to show initiative and discretion in their ministry.
Cult of the Unseen Though members of this elusive organization are few, far between, and tend to stay well hidden, the presence of the cult is undeniable in Halatan. The cult’s operations and hierarchy are largely unknown, and how (and whether) the cult classifies clergy of any sort is a mystery outside the cult itself. Never-the-less the cult is commonly understood to be a group of people who – for whatever reason they may have – bear a reverent and religious attitude toward the mist, and are generally thought to believe that the mist is a progressive and beneficial presence in the world.

A member of the cult of the unseen will be expected to keep their adherence to this faith and any related goals secret from as many people as possible, both as a matter of practice and as a matter of personal safety.

Character Title: None – a member of the Cult of the Unseen is unlikey to know more than a half-dozen other local adherents (if any), more akin to a local secret worship group than to a local chapter of any sizable religion.
Midnight Guild Though the name “Midnight Guild” is only really known among high-level law enforcement officials and members of the guild itself, the Midnight Guild is the most prolific and long-lived thieve’s guild in all of Halatan. The Midnight Guild has maintained itself for so long due to its excellent management structure. Rather than creating a thick group of members, the guild operates via a loose network of contacts and connections meaning that the occasional capture of one or two people rarely deals more than a superficial blow to the organization as a whole. Most people who knowingly work for the Midnight Guild only know one or two contacts and have little to no knowledge of the guild structure beyond that point.

Someone moving to Faenwood Village on behalf of connections in the Midnight Guild will be expected to preserve the guild’s profitable interests in the village while maintaining the anonymity of its members.

Character Title: None – a Midnight Guild contact is at best a contractor in most instances, promised payment only in the event of a success and told little more than needed for the requested job.

Mission to Faenwood

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