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They say back in the old days the mist wasn’t much of a problem. They say it only rolled in on the darkest nights or in the deep of the forests. Now, of course, the mist is all around us. It’s about all we can do to keep it out of the houses at night. Daylight drives it back, of course, but mist lingers in the shadows. Whether its the shade of a tall oak tree or a dimly lit room, a little mist in the day time reminds us of the dangers of the night.

Of course, not everything that comes out of the mist is dangerous, but it’s always a little… wrong. Old Aekun spent a few nights in the mist once, they say, and he’s more or less alright. Can’t really think in a straight line anymore, Aekun, but if you need a new pair of shoes you’ll be happy he’s still around. And, you know, they say a nightly dose of the mist won’t be the end of you or your cattle, but it’s really best not to tempt the fates, don’t ya think?

Anyways, you didn’t come to hear me go on about the state of things… what’s on your mind?

Or maybe you just want to hear some of the famous Stories of Faenwood Village?

Or maybe you’re here to stay?

Home Page

Into the Mist Ghandi